Customer-oriented product development means: consistently taking up innovative ideas from users and incorporating them directly into the product development process (PDP). Not wealth of functions, but their individual value and the overall customer experience takes center ground. For you this means making your product development as customer-oriented as possible. But how do you turn your customers into integrated partners in your PDP?



If you want to launch successful products, you no longer develop them for your customers, but together with them.

Shorter innovation cycles. More complex functions. Cost pressures. What is your recipe for being one step ahead of the competition? Because linearity does no longer exist in the product development process. Really successful products and innovations are characterized by one thing: they are developed in the digital world not for, but together with the customer. This applies to end customers as well as  internal users. The customer is already involved in the product vision - in person or as a digital twin. During product development and product use, he continuously provides feedback on the level of development. The regular transformation into product improvements and added value for the customer is becoming the core capability of successful companies. Are you prepared?

Our expertise

Who said this will be easy: Cultural change. Process networking. Analytical intelligence.

Digital or physical products: What is decisive on whether a promising product idea becomes a market success or a flop? It is the keynote of Customer Driven Product Development: The customer becomes a developer in an agile organization. What this can look like and what challenges must be solved, you can read now:

Undetected defects in the development process cost companies one thing above all - a lot of money. With each additional step in the value-creation chain, costs for correcting errors increase by a factor of 10. The most common sources of error in the development process: data inconsistencies, a deficient geometry protection and incomplete BOM configurations. Increase the quality of your virtual development levels by introducing a customizable hardware mock-up or a central data platform.

This is the only way a product developer can assess his product from the customer's point of view: Using new technologies such as mixed reality, the developer is able to change the perspective. Hardware construction and VR glasses make it possible to immediately validate conceptual and constructive changes. At the same time, the possibilities of the Internet of Things (IoT) should be exploited too: Because intelligent components return information about their use and environmental conditions (e.g. temperature, duration) via RFID chips. The cloud as a central information platform makes the ubiquitous retrieval of data possible. It is your task to integrate this data directly into your PEP.

Specification, design, implementation, test - waterfall was yesterday. The lifetime of software products decreases. The latest “App” of today is already outdated tomorrow. The customer expects a rethink. He wants to write his requirements directly into the backlog of the development project. He wants to try new product features early. Agile approaches form an ideal framework. Feedback loops are designed by individual target groups of self-organized and cross-functional teams. PEP synchronization takes place in shorter cycles. A rethinking of  the process has already begun in many companies. The focus: offering customers a beta version of the new product features for testing at an early stage. During use, the company receives valuable data on technical maturity and system stability. Not to forget - the knowledge of real customer needs and wishes.

Traditional manufacturers of hardware or software products are losing their unique selling propositions due to the increasing density of competition. They must create new added value for their customers. Hybrid products are on the advance. Successfully developing them is even more complex. Various areas of product, software and service development are involved. An agile PEP offers the possibility of optimally aligning the various development cycles with the respective components. Proven agile approaches also enable customer-oriented product development in hardware development. This shortens the entire development process and creates added value for the customer at a significantly earlier point in time.

Customer Driven Product Development: Our services in a nutshell.

  • A customer-oriented product development requires willingness to open up the PDP towards customers.
  • We ensure an interactive and interdisciplinary product development.
  • We bring agility into your PDP - for software, hardware and hybrid products.
  • With Data Analytics you already know the customer of tomorrow.


If you want to develop unique products in a fast and cost-effective way in the future, turn your customers into collaborative partners in the product development process. Use the interaction with the customers as a compass for new product innovations and initiate the internal change to an agile organization.


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