The Chinese Management Training & Coaching Model (CMMTM) is used to combine Western management techniques and Chinese social values, especially in joint ventures.


Tensions between management culture, leadership and project management.

  • Chinese never report problems to their superiors
  • Chinese never ask their superiors and rarely ask their colleagues for help or support
  • Proof or admission of mistakes means a loss of face for the Chinese and thus the end of the relationship
  • Procurement of missing information takes place via the personal relationship environment (Guanxi 关系)
  • This increases the following effects:
    - Experienced Western managers do not reach their goals based on their methods
    - Problems are detected too late or not at all
    - A lack of open communication between parties leaves managers uninformed when Chinese employees resign for no apparent reason
    - Approx. 70% of all projects fail, run out of time or go over budget

Our approach for successful cooperation is the China Management Model (CMM™).

  • CMM™ is a management hybrid of scientifically validated information on Western management methods and Chinese social values.
  • CMM™ is designed for Chinese and Western managers at all levels. It focuses on developing personal leadership skills while being flexible enough for any business situation.
  • CMM™ provides coaching & training for all managers on the basis of real cases and is backed up by theory.
  • Ventum's trainers and coaches have had experience in the Chinese market for joint ventures of German OEMs since 2006.
Customer Value

The benefits for participants:

  • A toolset and recommended practices for successfully managing multinational projects and organizations in China
  • Mutual respect, understanding and acceptance of different patterns of behavior
  • A working and mutually accepted model of cooperation
  • A self-Assessment according to the CMM™ program

The success of CMM™ is clearly measurable, as the project results improve and the employees' satisfaction increases. This is due to a mutual understanding of management and project culture by both sides.
CMM™ is already being used with great popularity by, among others, three automotive OEMs. These practices are being implemented within their organizations and applied to their projects in China.


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