Changing structures and procedures to achieve strategic corporate or operational project goals are often unavoidable and at the same time complex. We accompany our clients in the strategic corporate or operative project context. We develop clear target visions, suitable structures and strong rollout concepts to implement these with the needs-oriented integration of the crucial human factor.


Change Management: It is about mindset.

Is your company currently undergoing an agile transformation? Are you about to meet the digital requirements and lead your workforce in new directions? Are you relocating your processes abroad (offshoring, nearshoring)? Or maybe, are you merging with another company?
Even if the answers to all these questions are different, they always involve big changes and challenges: lack of commitment and communication of the management, resistance and fears on the part of the employees, lack of ability for the new tasks or experience in implementing the change. We consider these challenges as an opportunity for the next development step of your company.

Our expertise

Change Management: Yes, but with methodology and diplomacy.

Ventum acts for your company in the project or in organizational development as:

  • Independent change manager
  • Conflict manager
  • Diplomat
  • Neutral person of trust for the employees

Among other subjects, our change management portfolio includes:

  • Strategy and mission statement development
  • Change and communication concept and its implementation
  • Assessment, coaching and training for the development of managers and employees
  • Changing mind sets - Supporting cultural change in companies, e.g. with (initial) introductions of agile approaches
  • Empowering and accompanying of the digital transformation
  • Chinese Management Training & Coaching Model (CMMTM) to combine Western management techniques and Chinese social values, especially in joint ventures

„For any company wishing to do global business in China, I would highly recommend the China Management Model (CMM™) to prepare their leaders and managers in the multi-cultural expertise necessary for successful business in China. Therefore, it should become a standard training for all multi-national companies for successful business in and with China.“

Christian Mueck, Vice-President BMW Brilliance Automotive Ltd, P.R. China

Change takes place in companies on a daily basis; starting with the more frequent changes in processes and work instructions, to increasingly complex structural, technological and strategic changes to corporate culture. These are some success factors are among others:

  • Unambiguous objectives
  • Clear communication
  • Consistent acting
  • Space and positive handling of resistance and conflicts
  • Interdisciplinary connection with project management and organizational development

At Ventum Consulting, we combine our expertise in management methods with a deep understanding of the cultural and organizational change that accompanies every change initiative. We support you in achieving your company goals and contribute to improving organizational performance by involving your employees. This is how we jointly ensure the sustainability of the changes.


In order to give your employees and the company orientation, we develop a corporate mission statement together with you. This forms the framework for your vision, mission and corporate values. We help you to master the various areas of tension in the development of your mission statement, to preserve what has been approved and to add new elements relevant to success. This is how we set the guard rails for your strategy. This describes the way to achieve the long-term goals and come closer to your vision. At the beginning we support you with the examination of the strategy in the business context and accompany you then with the contentwise elaboration. Together with you, we develop concrete measures to implement the strategy, considering "hard" and "soft" factors.

„Any change, even a change for the better, is always accompanied by drawbacks and discomforts“. (A. Benett)

Every change in a company triggers uncertainties, fears and resistance among many employees. Therefore, any change processes must be carefully planned and introduced. Together with you, we develop a change and communication concept that provides the employees with the answers to the questions WHAT, WHERE and HOW. It describes the usefulness of the change measures as well as concrete steps for their implementation. The change concept serves as a guideline for management throughout the entire change phase and helps you to deal with resistance, among other things

In order to ensure a sustainable acceptance of change and to give employees an orientation in the change process, it is indispensable to include them in the change design process. Transparent and regular communication plays a core role here. We define all target group-specific contents, communication media and phases in a communication concept together with you. In order to enable your employees to cope with the changes, we develop appropriate training measures and accompany them with workshops, training and coaching. At the same time, we ensure that your company's top management continuously accompanies and supports the change process.

Our strength lies in the networking of our fields of competence. For our comprehensive consulting approach, we draw on internal expertise in the areas of Agile Enablement, IT Service & Transition, Business Process Management, Project Management as well as Training & Coaching. Through this approach, we achieve sustainable change in cooperation with you.

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